Workplace Wellness Meal Scheme

We have commercial offerings to suit any size company.

Stop ordering fast food for lunch every day!!! Save money and gain the health benefits.

We also have incentive schemes to make it worth while for the organiser in the workplace. (Large Discounts offered to the Workplace Wellness Scheme Account Manager) Get your colleges involved and you could get your meals for free!

Meals delivered twice a week for freshness.

  • 10% off for the whole team.
  • 10% off per additional person for the company organiser. (Anyone over 3 team members)
  • Invite enough work friends and YOUR meals could be completely free. (Invite 12 members in total to receive full 100% discount.

Orders delivered twice a week in Birmingham and surrounding areas. (Monday before 12am, Thursday before 12am) any other areas please contact us and we will be happy to discuss options.

Please Contact us for more information.

Prices Starting from £25 per staff member for meals from Monday to Friday delivered to your workplace.

  • Tel: 0121 295 3416
  • Email:
  • Social: /thefreshlettuceltd